by mumbledust

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This is a collection of bedroom recordings done by mumbledust in the summer of 2011 between various old haunted Savannah homes. It was recorded on a poor microphone with the best of intentions.

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released September 4, 2012

all music written and recorded by mumbledust during the summer of 2011 in various haunted homes in savannah, georgia.

mastered by gabriel mcfarland in radford, virginia.
art and design by mumbledust.

thanks to krista block for her harmonium.

© 2012 Furious Hooves, mumbledust



all rights reserved


mumbledust Savannah, Georgia

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Track Name: Elvis, TN
in the dust we start to mumble about things we should have had, things we should have had. we climbed on top of mountains through trees you thought were sad, trees you thought were sad. let me gather sticks and stones so we can build a home, so we can build our home. let me burn that bush that made you happy, made you happy you were alone. you sang elvis in the mud, but told me he was dead. you told me that he was dead. they sold all of his records and straight outta memphis he fled. straight outta memphis he fled.
Track Name: Islands
i want more than I could ever have, but it’s not half good if it ain’t half bad. I’d like to tell you some things, things you don’t know, things I never said and I would never ever show. it’s a ribbon on my finger, a pebble in my shoe. when the crickets sing a chorus every word of it is you. oh to be an island on my own, my house is made of my flesh and my bone. “no man’s an island,” but look at us now. we’re islands in the water and the tide is getting low. you know it ain’t good. it ain't half bad, but thinking of you gets me feeling kinda sad. I’d rather not be one to live in the past, but think of all the fun that we might’ve had.
Track Name: Winter Clothes
we will walk around in our winter clothes in hopes that one day this year maybe it will snow. honeysuckle blooms, hide from the sun. break one open, taste sweetness on your tongue. dark sky please be clearer, maybe we could find the sun. we stand a little nearer, we can see that we’ve become undone. our winter skin, our straining hearts and lungs, no blanket's big enough to cover all your bones.
Track Name: Healer's Mount / Kneeler's Cove
pick a fight. piece of mind. save some light. share some time. momma, I’m coming home. pappa, I’m coming home. happy on the road, sad when I’m alone. those eight words written on my stone. brother, I’m coming home. sister, I’m coming home. and the ghost might live, holy and unstill, passion for the kill. let’s remain primitive. pick a fight. piece of mind. save some light. share some time. happy on the road, sad when I’m alone. those eight words written on my stone. oh mamma, I’m coming home. oh pappa, I’m coming home. oh brother, I’m coming home. oh sister, I’m coming home. oh! holy ghost.
Track Name: Okara Lake
let’s drive 2,000 miles. let’s drive 2,000 miles. let’s drive 2,000 miles just to live out our lives.
Track Name: Places
if you leave here it will be different, but if you stay here it’s not the same now. not that I blame you. we always move on to other places where things are different. with other faces, features you don’t know, but not much different than those you do. and then there’s you, you’re just a face now. another face to those who don’t know you. wish you could see you like we all do. wish you could see you like we all do. wish you could see you like we all do. you sure are something, a sight to see. someday I’ll leave here, just like we all do. it’s such a shame though to watch you leave.
if you leave here, it will be different. if you stay here, it’s not the same (now).